Our Programs

Restoration Project

The Restoration Project is a program to restore people and places through meaningful service projects. To create beauty and safety in downtown communities, while empowering volunteers to serve their community well.

CityServe Augusta

CityServe is a collaborative effort between churches, non-profits, businesses, and government agencies across Augusta.  A variety of individual projects are done to address different needs.  To learn more, click the CityServe tab at the top of the page.

School Advancement

For a community to flourish the residents need a good education system. We are working with local elementary schools to help teachers provide the best education possible for their students.  With our partner Hope for Augusta we are also helping to expand tutoring and classes available to students.

Community Gardens

Community gardens bring beauty as well as providing a supplemental food source. They can also strengthen the community by bringing neighbors together and can make a neighborhood more desirable.

Demolition Project

The Demolition Project exists to identify blighted properties and remove them in order to promote beauty and safety within the neighborhood. This helps to restore city blocks with dignity and empower investors and future homeowners.

Making Mighty Men

Making Mighty Men is a mentorship program which empowers young men in order to create leadership, demonstrate biblical masculinity, and develop job skills.

Little Free Libraries

Along with our partners, Christ Community Health Service, First Presbyterian Church, and the Olde Town Neighborhood Association, we installed two Little Free Libraries along Telfair Street in Olde Town.  They are there to bring the community together through the love of books, and to encourage reading with children.